About us

Our expertise is built upon helping businesses improve their technology investments through the deployment of enterprise business systems hosting, private, hybrid and public clouds, modern network infrastructure and telecommunications.

We are a technology consulting company with a portfolio of enterprise suppliers that helps you operationalize your technology – bridging technology with infrastructure to improve the performance of your business.

With deep industry knowledge, NuResolution consults in multiple areas of technology: enterprise business systems hosting, public, private and hybrid clouds, modern technology infrastructure and telecommunications.

NuResolution stands out from other consulting firms because our leadership team is comprised of people who have spent time delivering results to enterprise businesses. We are a powerful combination of technologists and consultants that help companies identify and leverage opportunities for improving technology investments.

Why Us?

Today’s IT departments are being charged to increase business growth, while reducing operational costs. From employee enablement to business empowerment, IT teams are partnering with the lines of business to implement revenue generating solutions.

That being said, every new project and enhancement stresses your infrastructure, from business applications, performance, security, collaboration, and mobility. These challenges impact your technology infrastructure, productivity and employee satisfaction.

When business agility is key, you need a partner that will allow you to be more agile. A company that understands how to operationalize the technology in a way that works for your business and can drive its recommendations through implementation and ongoing support.

We help you meet the needs of your enterprise while enabling you and your team to focus on your core business.

Learn more about us by checking out our leadership team and learning from our frequently asked questions.