Do you charge consulting fees?

Yes. All clients are presented with a master service agreement and statement of work to outline the cost of the project.

What makes NuResolution different?

NuResolution stands out from other firms, because our leadership team is comprised of people who have spent time delivering results to enterprise businesses. We are a powerful combination of technologists and consultants whose expertise is built upon helping businesses improve their technology investments.

Wouldn’t I get better pricing if I went directly to the supplier?

No. We are able to get the best supplier rates available. The benefit of working with NuResolution is that we can help you source your technology purchase from our portfolio of suppliers. You benefit from a single point of contact while offloading the burden of sourcing a supplier from your team.

Who is the contract with?

Your contract and invoicing for supplier services is directly with the supplier.

How much time will I save by working with you?

You and your team will save tens of hours if not a hundred. Not only do we become intimately familiar with your environment and interview key personnel to understand your goals, we aggregate all of that information to create a technology roadmap and source the appropriate solution. Moreover, you can choose to use our project management implementation partner for your organization along with ongoing support options all designed to enable your team to work at maximum efficiency.

Do I have to use one supplier for all of my services?

No. Together, we will select the best supplier solution for your business. The good news is that even if you choose to use multiple carriers, NuResolution can still act as your primary point of contact throughout your supplier relationships.

How do you make your money?

We earn residuals from the suppliers you determine are right for your business. We disclose all of these additional revenue sources when we make a supplier recommendation to you. Essentially, we disclose every facet of our business so you can ensure we are helping you make the best decision for your business. Please note, that the residuals we earn from the suppliers in no way impact the rates you receive from them. There is no price discrimination or mark up whatsoever in the pricing; we negotiate the best available rates and promotions for you.

Will you sign a non-disclosure agreement?