Justin Den Herder, CEO

    Hailing from South Dakota, Justin has spent much of his career in Southern California. With two decades of technology under his belt, Justin works tirelessly to make it easier for IT leaders to determine the right communications and infrastructure solutions for their business.

    “Technology serves only one purpose, it has to be useful to the people it serves.

    I focus on understanding my client’s businesses initiatives and why those initiatives are important. After that, the technology just fits into place. Happily our client relationships are great, because we approach every engagement with the client first.

    My dream is to continue to grow the business and bring in more like-minded professionals to drive the value of our philosophy and culture. I will show our clients they should expect more and they deserve more, and I will continue to bring as many smiles as I can to those I meet.”

    Justin’s specialties include:

  • Business System Hosting Solutions
  • Private, Hybrid and Public Cloud Solutions
  • Modern Network Infrastructure Solutions
  • Telecommunication Solutions
  • You can connect with Justin on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Cyndie Den Herder, President

In her role as the head of operations, Cyndie is responsible for the systems and structures that support NuResolution’s customers, sales and supplier partners.

“I am deeply honored to support our customers and partners. NuResolution is a company of Midwest sensibilities meaning that we approach everything we do with great pride, integrity and a friendly smile.

My goal is to make it easy for our customers and suppliers to do business with us and I look forward to working with you, too.”

You can connect with Cyndie on LinkedIn.