The challenge of enterprise business systems hosting, cloud networks,  modern network infrastructure, and telecommunications is keeping up with the pace of change.

While most IT departments are increasingly focused on revenue generating initiatives, the network often gets left behind. In fact, it’s not unusual that as companies evolve, services are bolted on. Technology becomes outdated, even unused. The result: your current network is not optimized to meet the needs of your business.

NuResolution helps you meet the business challenges of an evolving organization. Working with you, we help uncover unintentional inefficiencies in your current state and learn how you need and want your future state to operate.

Unlike working directly with a specific supplier, NuResolution takes an unbiased approach.

  • We work to understand your business objectives and apply them to the technology that needs to be delivered.
  • We talk about your initiatives from an impartial perspective. We use our experience and intellectual property to help you define a roadmap that delivers the outcome you want and need.

Once data gathering is complete, we perform a gap analysis to map the current state to the strategic goals of your organization, creating a technology roadmap that will help your organization meet its goals.

With those services in mind we help you source the right suppliers for your network.