While sourcing technology solutions are time consuming, it’s in the implementation phase of the project that the work begins. From lengthy meetings with chosen suppliers to chasing down vendors there is a lot of work that goes into migrating services from one technology solution to another.

And the fact remains that implementations often come with unexpected costs, delays and even disruption. Expert project management often mitigates these risks.

Unfortunately, most businesses are ill-equipped to manage an implementation for two reasons: one, resources are pulled in many directions; and two, you’re expected to anticipate the needs of the technology suppliers in order to meet project deadlines.

NuResolution has the perfect project management partnership to support your implementation and keep your projects moving forward. Our expertise in business technology solutions enables our partners to communicate with suppliers in their language. Our project management team is able to anticipate your needs and keep you abreast of necessary timelines to keep the project on track. From technology dependencies to site specific specifications and readiness our partners understand what needs to occur and have the tools to support the project, advocating for you, end-to-end.