Our experience shows that an average IT department will source upwards of 15 different suppliers or more for their technology solutions – spending 4-5 hours with each supplier. That’s valuable time and resources taken away from your core business.

NuResolution relieves you of the anxiety and burden of finding the right technology solution for your environment. We source multiple supplier(s), taking on all of the man hours and aggravation of vetting multiple vendors  for you.

Why us? Sourcing suppliers is time consuming; time that you and your team don’t have if you want to meet your growing list of deliverables. In fact, you need someone with deep industry experience who can weed through the industry-speak and feature parity to source the right solution and supplier for your business.

NuResolution finds the right technology services and best rates from the most responsive suppliers, helping to negotiate the best terms for your organization.

Once you reach consensus on a solution, we transition to implementation.