Solutions Portfolio

Our expertise is built upon helping businesses improve their technology investments through the deployment of enterprise business systems hosting, private, hybrid and public clouds, modern network infrastructure and telecommunications.

  • Enterprise Business Systems Hosting
    Today’s IT departments are being charged to increase business growth, while reducing operational costs. From employee enablement to business empowerment IT teams are partnering with the lines of business to implement revenue generating solutions. And yet they continue to maintain the existing infrastructure without additional resources.

    That is why more businesses are choosing managed cloud platforms to help them deliver reliable, fast computing power throughout every facet of the organization, from operations to lines of business. NuResolution offers a portfolio of suppliers that offer diverse and cost-effective platform and infrastructure services designed to support your existing IT investments – and help you rapidly spin up new solutions or locations. Learn more.

  • Private, Hybrid and Public Clouds
    Public or private? There is room for both in your cloud strategy. We know that your data and application needs are diverse and unique, just like your business. From third-party and proprietary software to sales and marketing automation, ERP and even legacy servers, we can help you develop a rock-solid cloud platform that meets your current challenges – and gives you the flexibility to scale as needed. Learn more.

  • Modern Network Infrastructure
    Every new project and enhancement stresses the underlying infrastructure. From latency to security, from bandwidth to collaboration, your enterprise business systems have an impact on your network, applications, employee productivity and satisfaction. At NuResolution, we take an applications based approach to the network, ensuring that its optimized to meet the speed of the business. Learn more.

  • Telecommunications
    Our supplier portfolio of solutions allows you to make the most of both past and future system investments, working with your existing phone systems to help you hold the line on CAPEX while ensuring access to next-generation services whenever you are ready.

    Covering the full spectrum of hosted solutions along with traditional TDM, we align with the size of your business, number of locations, call volume, patterns and employee mobility to help you achieve maximum efficiency and productivity while managing costs for your business’s telephone service needs. Learn more.

Solutions Portfolio