Private, Hybrid and Public Clouds

    Public or private? There is room for both in your cloud strategy. We know that your data and application needs are diverse and unique, just like your business. From third-party and proprietary software to sales and marketing automation, ERP and even legacy servers, we can help you develop a rock-solid cloud platform that meets your current challenges – and gives you the flexibility to scale as needed.


    NuResolution’s cloud supplier portfolio includes:

  • Enterprise Business Systems Hosting Enterprises that have deployed business systems (ERP/CRM) quickly grow to depend on them to support the moment-to-moment activities of the business. Yet these applications can be resource-intensive and expensive to operate on a traditional infrastructure. By ensuring resource availability and performance, NuResolution’s supplier portfolio of industrial cloud computing solutions provide ideal environments for migrating most major ERP applications and other critical enterprise applications to the cloud, allowing clients to dramatically reduce costs and complexity. We support most major ERP/CRM applications including Microsoft Dynamics AX and Oracle E-Business Suite.
  • Private cloud platformsOur supplier platforms include security, management and enterprise-ready, private clouds that are best suited for customized applications and systems that contain high-impact business data.
  • Hybrid cloud platforms – Storage, test & development, web front-end applications, office applications and other needs can be addressed with public cloud applications – and integrated with private or on premise solutions – to deliver a holistic hybrid solution.
  • Public cloud platforms – Our portfolio consists of most major public cloud platforms including Azure, AWS and Rackspace, designed to get your organization up and running quickly while minimizing capital expenses.
Public, Private and Hybrid Clouds