Our supplier portfolio of solutions allows you to make the most of both past and future system investments, working with your existing phone systems to help you hold the line on CAPEX while ensuring access to next-generation services whenever you are ready. Covering the full spectrum of hosted solutions along with traditional TDM, we align with the size of your business, number of locations, call volume, patterns and employee mobility to help you achieve maximum efficiency and productivity while managing costs for your business’s telephone service needs.

NuResolution’s telecommunications supplier portfolio includes:

  • Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery
    By assisting you in sourcing the plethora of options for an always-on network, we help you eliminate single points of failure.
  • Cloud/Hosted Services
    We help move legacy technology to the cloud – freeing up your support staff and capital for more pressing investments.
  • Collaboration
    We recommend enterprise solutions for web conferencing, IM and document sharing – improving the productivity of your company.
  • Connectivity
    We provide an objective solution to your network and telecom needs leveraging suppliers for optimal integration into your environment.
  • Contact Center
    Helping you automate and integrate your contact center, NuResolution’s enterprise experience helps you get your call center operational and productive.
  • Mobility Optimization/Management
    We offload the increasing burden of mobility/device management, allowing you to focus on your core objectives.
  • Data Center Solutions
    We assist enterprise and multi-site organizations centralize their telecommunications infrastructure.